Plumbing Drain, Waste and Vent Systems

waste-vent-systemIf you are experiencing drain noises, gas smells or septic tank odors in your home or business then it may be time to call  Shaw's Central Florida Service Call Us: 321-229-7582  for an inspection or repair.

Your home\’s plumbing, drain, waste and vent systems are the systems that provide you with on-demand water, discharge sewage and waste water safely away from your home, and provide ventilation so that moisture isn\’t allowed to accumulate near sinks, bathrooms and kitchens.

One of the least understood sections of a waste plumbing system is the venting. Thankfully Shaw's Central Florida Service Call Us: 321-229-7582 know\’s more about it than anyone. For water to drain freely out of a house waste system, there must be adequate venting. The venting performs three functions. It allows air in front of the water rushing through the waste pipe to be pushed out of the way, and it also allows air to be reintroduced to the waste piping after the water has gone by. Lastly, it allows sewer gases to escape outside through a vent stack.

The second function is the most important. The trap at each plumbing fixture provides a water seal which prevents sewer odors from entering the house. After a fixture is used, there should be enough water left in the trap to provide a good seal. If a waste system is not properly vented, when the water runs through the drain line it will siphon the last bit of water out of the trap. As a column of water runs through a pipe, it is difficult to separate that column of water into two pieces (leaving the last part in the trap) because the space in the middle forms a vacuum. The water in the trap is siphoned out and down the drain.

Making sure that all of the drains and plumbing are working correctly is important to keeping your home healthy and safe. A drain that\’s not working properly can cause bacteria to build up in your sink. In addition, bathroom plumbing that backs up in the basement can cause raw sewage to enter your living space. A leaking faucet can not only cost you money on your water bill, but also cause water to leak under the sink or behind a wall.

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